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As the name suggests there was a series of mysteries revealed in this event. The event was a whole hearted and sincere hard work of the whole Aeronautical Department, from the head of the department to the students.The initiative for the event was taken by the head of the department. As the first step, the whole department gathered in the seminar hall on 21/03/2017. Representatives were elected from all classes in the gathering.A coordinator for the event was chosen from the gathering. An enthusiastic and active faculty, Asst. prof Jean Varghese Divan, was chosen by everyone’s consent. The next step was to seek permission from principal, Dr. K L Giridas. He granted the permission and encouraged us to come up with such kind of events in future. The event was held on 28th march 2017 Thursday. The function was started at 09:30 AM in the ground seminar hall. The chief guest wereDr. Sreenivasan Potti , professor at Park College, Coimbatore and Dr. Neelakantan Pradhish Kumar, faculty of Westford School Of Management, UAE. Head of the department Asst. Prof. Deepak V Das, delivered the welcome speech and principal Dr. K L Giridas, gave the presidential address. Along with all HODs, faculties from all department were also present for the inaugural ceremony. Highlights of the event were ‘Capture The Shadow’ conducted by Jonah Joshy of S6, arranged in S5-S6 classroom, ‘Fade Out’ by Muhammed Shafi and Ashkar I of S6 in S3-S4 classroom and ‘Reality Is An Illussion’ by Abhiram V S and Nijas V A of S4 in S1-S2 classroom. The inaugural function ended by 11:30 AM, the guest were accompanied to Aeronautical Research Chamber by HOD, Principal and Staff Coordinator. ‘Arc Show’ was an outstanding event with displays taught the basis of Aeronautics. The rest of events started within a short time. ‘Quadcopter- Defy the Law of Gravity’ workshop conducted by Asst. Prof. Sarath S U, was an open event. ‘Liquifly’ which taught the underlying principle and making of water rockets was conducted by Mr. Elson Eldhose. A set of games were arranged, named ‘Toddle Waddle’ and ‘Paper Plane Contest’ by Balakrishnan T M and Dhaneesh K Madhu of S6 AN, out of which paper plane contest was remarkable one. Special time was allotted for all students viewing the programs. Regardless of the time limit, the whole college showed the interest by participating in the events.


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