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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science & Engineering is the branch of engineering that studies the programming and chip level details of computers. It finds use in almost all the equipments. Car, aero plane, banking, share markets and even the virtual world depend on computers .Being the most powerful branch in engineering that powers the global economy, Computer Science & Engineering at ILM College of Engineering & Technology is designed to accommodate the rapidly changing demands of the industry. Apart from imparting the prescribed syllabus, department of Computer Science and Engineering accommodates live projects, seminars and many more to make the students market ready. The students are keenly studied to identify their specific interest and they are given special training based on it. Wi-Fi campus and smart classes are just some of the facilities that accelerate their growth to an engineer. The department currently supports 60 seats in the B.Tech and plans to start a research facility and masters degree in near future. Objectives of the department The main aim of the department of Computer Science and Engineering at ILM college of Engineering & Technology is to make the students market ready so that they get placed in multinational companies. Industrial visits, live projects and association with various IT companies are conducted to make sure that the students are tuned to the industry standards.


To become a Center of Excellence in the Computer Science and Information Technology discipline with a strong research and teaching environment that adapts swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.


-To provide qualitative education and  generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting -edge research and by   offering state- of-the -art  undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmers,  leading to careers as Computer and IT professionals in the widely diversified  domains of industry, government and academia

-To promote a teaching and learning process that yields advancements in state -of-the -art in computer science and information technology, resulting in integration of research results and innovations into other scientific disciplines leading to new technologies and products.-To harness human capital for sustainable competitive edge and social relevance by inculcating the philosophy of continuous learning  and innovation in Computer Science and IT

-To inculcate work ethics and commitment in students for their future endeavors to serve the society.