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Department of Applied Science And Humanities

                                      The Department of Applied Science and Humanities comprises Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics. The Department is committed to serving the needs of various branches of Engineering by providing a favourable environment which will motivate the students to utilize their fullest possible potential for self-development in various aspects of life.

                                       As an important auxiliary department of the Institution, with a dedicated team of highly qualified, experienced and professionally proven faculty members including two Ph.D degree holders guide students to become competent personalities catering to the needs of global job scenario.

Individual Discipline Objectives

Engineering Mathematics

                                     The Objective is to create engineers with strong mathematical background, creative thinking,and problem solving skills through systematic training and to help student understand the significance of application and logical thinking.

Engineering Physics

                                      The objective is to enable students to understand the basic ideas and concepts in Physics, which plays a primary role in all branches of engineering and thereby motivate students to understand the relationship between physics and engineering.

Engineering Chemistry

                                      The objective is to impart a scientific approach to familiarize the important applications of Chemistry in the field of engineering and technology and to create awareness about the major environmental issues.


                                       The objective is to impart fundamental economic principles that can assist engineers and managers to take more efficient and economical decisions in their professional life