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Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and studies the science behind the forces and physical properties of Aircraft, Rocket and Spacecraft. The field also covers their Aerodynamic, Aircraft Structures, Flight Mechanics, Propulsion, Control System & Aircraft Maintenance.  

  This specialized branch is established in the ILM College of Engineering & Technology with an intake of 60 seats to cater the growing industrial demand and the ILM College of Engineering & Technology is currently engaged in making having tie-ups with some of the best companies in the industry. Objectives of the Department The main objective of the department of Aeronautical Engineering students is to create high caliber Aeronautical Engineers to suit the ever growing demand. Being a branch that deals with craft that stays suspended in atmosphere, Aeronautical Engineers are having training in depth knowledge regarding the subject. To give hands on training an aircraft is proposed in the campus. Department of Aeronautical Engineering at ILM college of Engineering & Technology is planning to start M.Tech in the coming years.